Come Board The Ark!

Hello Captains, I'm Millie- Owner of Arka Kids. When looking for my niece, cool and unique nursery decor just didn’t exist, so we’re here to change that. All of our designs are prints from original hand drawn illustrations, unique to Arka kids. It would mean the world to support us by following our social media platforms. Thanks for checking out our page, message us if you have any questions. Lastly come board the Ark and join us on this exciting new adventure.


I wanted Arka Kids to be personal to me without it being obvious and my mum has always had a really strong superstition on how unlucky magpies are. She hates them. I literally have my mum hitting me every time I don’t salute one or wish Mr and Mrs Brown a good day. I then decided to look into the history of magpies and why they are seen as such terrible birds. I found some interesting facts: 

1.    The correct terminology (Scientific Name) for a Magpie is a Pica pica.

2.    They are seen as being a sinister bird because, on Noah’s Ark they were apparently the only bird/animal that didn’t get into the Ark. Instead they sat on top of the Ark and watched the earth drown. I put both these facts together to create- arka.

And the logo obviously had to be a little magpie considering that’s what the brand was about so, Arka Kids was born. Some personality traits of a magpie include loud, inquisitive and intelligent. Fits very nicely with what all children are. I also loved the fact that magpies are found within urban areas as well as rural- giving all children the chance to see a magpie and hopefully remind children of these beautiful birds again and hopefully change my mums opinion on them. 

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